5 Training Trends for MMA Fighters in 2022 and Beyond

Mixed martial arts is positioned at a unique inflection point in popular culture, and as a sport. With growing media attention and rising stars flying out of gyms all around the world, it’s an exciting time to train as an MMA fighter. In this piece, you’ll learn some of the latest trends fighters can rely on in 2022 and beyond.

1. Remote Training Sessions

We all know how phones have forever transformed our ability to have meetings, talk with family members, and connect with new people around the world. The realm of MMA training has also been impacted by this new technology. Remote training sessions are quickly becoming a top choice for many MMA fighters looking to maintain their routine regardless of their location.

Even some top USANA athletes engage in remote training sessions just to be sure they never miss a day. Online training platforms that use remote video technology have also become a great option for new fighters who want to connect with a motivated community online.

2. Fueling Your Diet With Alternative Proteins

When most people think of fighters, they may think their diets are heavily dependent on things such as red meat. While this may be true for some fighters, there are more and more examples of plant-based diets becoming popular among even some of the world’s most elite grapplers and strikers. In 2022, many MMA trainers are looking for ways to streamline their diet without giving up valuable nutrients.

Alternative proteins provide an excellent example of the ways in which food culture can shift athletics and vice versa. At the moment, plant-based proteins such as pea protein have made a huge wave in culture, even catching the eye of some top dieticians. You can expect to see more fighters experiment with using alternative proteins in their diets.

3. Temperature Modulation for Recovery

Extreme temperature has long been used across a range of sports to aid recovery. Whether you are thinking of saunas or ice baths, temperature modulation has quickly become a rising trend yet again in the MMA landscape of 2022.

There are plenty of benefits to engaging in things such as cryotherapy. For example, fighters may benefit from decreased recovery time, improved sleep, and better circulation after a cold therapy session. Similarly, heat is a great option for fighters looking to recover after a hard training day.

4. Technology to Monitor Your Progress In and Out of The Gym

Wearable technology will continue to make its presence known in the world of mixed martial arts and the culture at large. With smartwatches and similar devices, fighters are able to monitor their heart rate, caloric intake, sleep, and other crucial metrics. By keeping an eye on biometric data, trainers can tweak routines and optimize a fighter’s health.

In the gym, you will likely see a rise in smart fitness equipment, such as treadmills that analyze the runner’s vital signs and weights that measure performance in real-time. Out of the gym, you can benefit from technology that will make it easier to track your calories, your steps, and more to allow you a swift, effective path toward sharpening up.

5. Full Body Workouts Will Rule the Future

Gone are the days of simple MMA workouts that have you punching and kicking until you can’t see straight anymore. The training regimen of the future includes full-body workouts that push fighters to work on weaker elements of their body, posture, and techniques.

Far too many fighters face issues in their health without realizing that their workouts may be causing them. A training approach that factors in all bodily movements is one that more fighters seek. With holistic training as a priority, many fighters find improvements in their techniques and demeanor.

The current trends in mixed martial arts training show just how dynamic the sport is. By staying modern in your training, you can position yourself to attain the results you’ve always desired.

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