NFT investment: Top 5 of the best crypto NFTs of the moment

If you are into investing in NFTs, we give you some NFT ideas that are lately quite interesting in this booming market. These are basically Theta, Tezos, Axie Infinity, Chiliz and Decentraland.


Theta is a token created and marketed by Theta Labs. It is based on a blockchain other than Ethereum. It uses the “Proof-of-Stake-PPOS” system for the decentralization of videos in “Peer-to-Peer”. This system is less energy-intensive, unlike the Ethereum blockchain. The team driving the Theta project recently announced the launch of main net 3.0. In addition, a collaboration is in sight with the American singer Katy Perry.

So, that means Theta Labs will be releasing the artist’s first-ever collection of NFTs through a series of concerts in Las Vegas.

Axie Infinity

Launched in the NFT market by Sky Mavis, the Axie Infinity game is adventure entertainment that you can play with non-fungible tokens. The gamers of this game are, therefore, likely to win NFT tokens if they manage to complete the games.

To play, it’s simple. You must first purchase NFTs from the Axies. The latter are digital creatures in the game. Then the player must train these creatures to fight against other players. Each won battle entitles you to digital currency rewards. Besides that, you also have the opportunity to earn some money by selling your creatures when they attract interest thanks to their performance.

With a higher than average sales rate, Axie Infinity is one of the NFT projects that has broken through in recent months thanks to the help of its two native tokens. These are the Small Love Potion (SLP) and Axis Infinity Shards (AXS) tokens.


The Chiliz platform promotes cryptocurrencies through sports. For this purpose, it creates tokens for the teams. These tokens, called “fan tokens” are intended for supporters. Chiliz then signs a first partnership which has really hit the mark with the FC Barcelona football club. Tokens were thus distributed to fans via the platform. Some clubs seem interested in this offer, as it is spreading more and more in the world of NFTs.


For NFT projects, Tezos is a great alternative to the Ethereum platform due to its eco-friendliness. Tezos works on the basis of the “Liquid Proof-of-Stake” consensus. It is indeed a system that allows crypto miner to create blocks that their peers approve and validate. To have the status of baker (miner) and participate in the mechanism, it is enough to lock a certain number of XTZ tokens.

Since it was launched, artist Doja’s collection of NFTs has been a big part of the Tezos price boost.


The NFT Decentraland project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and was created in 2015 by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano. This platform allows users to own land in the virtual world. The other goal of the Decentraland developers is to allow both users and content creators to feel free to interact on the platform. A virtual world where creators will have full control over their content because, according to them, certain centralized platforms like Twitter exercise illegitimate control over its users.

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