What You Should Be Aware of When Relocating Your Business to a Larger Premises

Moving your business from one site to another larger one is probably a necessity rather than a desire. In fact, with the sheer amount of planning involved and the percentage of financial loss that is at stake, you will need to be fully competent and resolute about your decision.

Work Commitments

Relocating your business is going to affect the work that you do and the orders you can get fulfilled for the time that it takes you to pack up shop in your old location and get everything in and settled within your new premises.

As always, planning is key when faced with this serious dilemma. Offering your workers overtime both before you move and afterwards could very well bridge this financial gap.

Moving Logistics

With this, you are also going to have to think about the best way you can get your equipment and machinery from A to B, without losing too much valuable time. Indeed, a good idea is to use the services of a removals broker so that you can not only get an idea of the sort of money that you are talking about, but they will be able to provide you with quotes from various shipping businesses so that you can choose the one with not only the best price for you, but also that works well within the time frame that you want to move in.

Business Downtime

As mentioned before, overtime may very well cover the orders that you have waiting, but it is very unlikely that your establishment will be able to close the last thing on a Friday in your old location and then be ready for business the following Monday morning if, of course, your business does close over a weekend. It is much more likely that you are going to have to force at least a week’s closure to get everything fixed in place, make sure that the premises are clean, and that everything is in place and ready to go.

Security Issues

While your business has its scheduled downtime, you are going to have to think about security and where possible have some installed, whether it is floodlights around your perimeter and on the external walls of your premises, or security cameras placed at designated locations outside and inside your property.

You would probably do well to invest in some form of entry security too so that you do not have any unwelcome visitors wandering around your site and gaining access to valuable information.

To Wrap This Up

You are going to have to plan before you act as there are a lot of areas that rely on each other to be timed perfectly. Make sure that your order book can be fully covered to compensate for any time that your business is closed and that when it is closed that the closure does not overrun the estimation period.

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