GTIN number Exemption

Selling on Amazon in 2022 might be your top dream among business plans but going through the registration and dashboard services might be exhaustive if you don’t consider each and every detail before stepping into selling on Amazon. After getting the Amazon seller central account verified for the concerned marketplace, second thing is to create the product listing of the product and add it to the seller central account along with the best pictures of the product. At the start of the process of adding the product to the seller central account, Amazon always asks for the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and unless this special and unique number is provided.

First Step for Adding a Product to Inventory

In every case of adding a new product to the list of inventory, there are only two choices for the seller. Either provide a GTIN or get your product exempted from providing the GTIN.

GTIN Exempted Case– If you are selling a product that is Private Labeled with your name or a product that is made by hand, then in these both cases, Amazon can provide you the exemption against your product and you can add your product to your Seller Central Account without the GTIN number.

GTIN Required Case– If you are selling a product through the wholesale model, and then you are required to provide the GTIN number. In this case, either your supplier will provide you with the GTIN number or you need to buy a GTIN number for the GTIN provider.

Global Standard 1 Organizations– Global Standard 1 organizations or simply GS1 is the authentic organizations that are responsible for providing the GTIN numbers to manufacturers and sellers who don’t have these numbers already. The numbers are designed under the standards and directions set by the Global Standards in Commerce. These codes are responsible to make the product and manufacturer or the brand recognized when assessed with GTIN assessing devices. This code is detected and maintained while shipping against the orders at the Amazon warehouses.

Best way to get the GTIN Exemption

The best way to get GTIN exempted is to apply for the exemption through the seller central account. For most of the new sellers, just start adding your product to your inventory and you would be headed to a page where you are asked to enter the GTIN number. Under the tab to enter the GTIN button, there is a tagged phrase of Apply for GTIN exemption and you would be headed towards the exemption request form. Just follow the steps and provide all the information which Amazon will ask for.

Below are a few points which you should consider and work on before going to submit the exemption request form to Amazon.

  • If you are requesting the GTIN for your own Private Label, then you should register your brand’s name before at least three days of submitting the exemption form. You should receive the confirmation email from the Amazon support team.
  • The brand name you would be entering in the exemption form should be exactly spelled as you have provided for the brand registry.
  • You should have a maximum of 9 high-resolution images which would be presenting the main features of the products and the product should be pictured with a white background for best results.

All this is about the Amazon GTIN exemption process and this is a great deal while selling with Amazon.



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