Males and females are distinguished by their jawlines, which are prominent features of the human body. As a guy, having a square jaw is a desirable trait. For guys, it is regarded as an idealistic facial type. When the gender is reversed, the same trait is considered undesirable by modern beauty standards. Females with narrow chins and a V-shaped jaw are thought to be attractive. As a result, many women who have a square-shaped jaw that is too angular seek jaw reduction surgery. Even men with a very broad square-shaped jawline are opting for jaw reduction surgery these days.


  • The surgery process is mostly determined by the sort of square jaw you have and the type you desire. It’s a customizable procedure, just like any other cosmetic surgery.
  • Under-ear square jaw surgery is an option for patients with well-developed mandible angles who desire to lower the overall size of their jaw. To operate, an incision is created behind the ears. Under mild sedation, the procedure takes only a few minutes.
  • Square jaw reduction surgery is frequently recommended for people who have an overall large square jaw and desire to remodel their chin structure and look attractive from both sides. An incision is made within the mouth during this procedure, and you will have your chosen look in less than an hour.
  • Anterior square jaw reduction surgery is advised for those who have an overall big square jaw with a square anterior mandible body. This procedure is also performed through an incision inside the mouth. It slims down the chin and makes the jawline more beautiful from both sides.


This procedure, like any other, has the potential to be lethal, especially if it is not performed by qualified medical professionals. Blood loss, edema, inflammation, infection, scarring, and even nerve damage are all potential side effects. Even in normal circumstances, the post-surgery instructions must be properly followed. It is recommended that you follow your surgeon’s diet and medications to avoid pain or unusual surgery side effects.


The price of this procedure varies greatly. Your cash flow will differ depending on the country you choose and the hospital you choose. Between 4000 and 10000 USD is a rough estimate.

When it comes to plastic surgery to change your square jaw, the most important thing to remember is to find the correct surgeons. Find the best surgeons to help you get your ideal face.


Even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you are the beholder and are unhappy with your appearance, As a result, your self-esteem is being tested. Then it’s time to think about having surgery to increase your self-esteem. Because contemporary medicine offers a plethora of cosmetic surgery alternatives to help you achieve your desired look. However, before making a decision, one must wade through a sea of facts regarding the operation, after which now you are well capable of making the decision whether or not to go through the operation to reduce your square jaw.

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