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With the cost of web hosting being significantly less in Russia than in other parts of the world, many website owners are choosing to host their websites in this country. But why would anyone want to host their websites there? The Russia VPS Server is more affordable, but it’s more than that. In this blog about why you should host your VPS in Russia, you’ll discover five compelling reasons you should do so.

1) Privacy

One of the top reasons people move to a VPS is for increased privacy. A Virtual Private Server is run off a physical server, but it is its own machine. This means that your web traffic can be totally private and no one will ever know that you are hosting your website on a foreign server. As an American citizen, you probably do not worry about government officials monitoring your Internet activity; however, if you are concerned about having your traffic monitored or want to ensure total security against all threats, then hosting on a Russian server may be right. It’s important to remember that privacy when storing data online is determined solely by who owns and controls that particular machine—not where they happen to have their offices.

2) Stability

It is well known that Russian data centers are among the most stable and reliable ones in the world. There are no huge temperature swings here, no natural disasters, and not even any reasons to complain about faulty equipment. This allows us to offer a service with zero downtime guarantees to all our clients. What is more, we always follow the under-promise and over-deliver philosophy which means that you should expect better quality than what has been promised to you. We won’t disappoint you! That’s why we proudly state that our service has never had a single failure since its launch in 20014. The only downtime ever was caused by upgrades and restarts of your virtual server (which is perfectly normal). And when your VPS will be restarted – it will be done without interruption of your website availability or loss of data on your hard drive. We’ll do everything possible to make sure your website stays online at all times! Besides, if there are some problems – they will be fixed within minutes (if not seconds). So don’t worry – you can fully rely on the stability of your Russian server location!

3) Great internet connection

Another important factor that must be taken into account when choosing a hosting server is its connection speed, and especially your ping time. A quality Russia VPS Hosting should guarantee low ping times; it is of particular importance to online gamers who want to enjoy high-speed servers, virtually without any lags. If you are an online gamer, you can never go wrong with choosing a good web hosting server that guarantees low ping times. The same goes for SEO optimization services – high speed and minimal lag ensure fast loading pages which are essential for good search engine ranking!

4) Minimal Uptime Guarantee

Given that you have a ton of options for hosting companies, why would you choose to host your website on a Russian server? Of course, one of the main advantages of using cloud hosting is flexibility. When you sign up with us, we’ll give you 99.9% guaranteed uptime. In fact, we guarantee it so much that if there are any outages we’ll let you choose between getting a discount on your account or having us pay out your contract without fees attached! Unlike many other providers, our uptime guarantee applies to all parts of our service: even network issues and hardware problems will be covered by our guarantee.

5) Great Support

The Russian hosting company has great support, and you’ll always get a real person when you call. The customer service is helpful, polite, and informative (in English). If your site crashes (it happens to us all), they can usually fix it quickly and get everything back up and running. Plus there are no issues with communicating with them via email or phone—there are a lot of advantages to being able to communicate directly with your host! For a number of reasons, some of our readers and business customers choose to host their websites with us. Not only are our prices extremely affordable, but we also providing top-notch service as well. Our Russian data center facility uses generators that can power any server or facility inside if there’s ever an emergency. We also provide 24/7 monitoring and management, meaning that you can rest assured your site will never go down unexpectedly.


Now you know why you should host your website on a Russian VPS server and what benefits will be available to you. This can help your business to grow, therefore improving your bottom line. These tips will be valuable for beginners who just have their own business or people who already have some experience. The choice is yours, so if you are looking for more information about hosting a virtual private server with us, please feel free to contact our support at any time! We’re always here for you!

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