Spectrum Phone Service – Is It Worth It?

Charter Spectrum™ is one of the largest internet providers in the US. With a primary focus on cable TV, cable broadband, and home phone, Spectrum is available across 44 states, to both urban and suburban neighborhoods.

There’s a reason why Spectrum is widely preferred. Subscribers get to enjoy standalone plans and bundles without incurring contracts. Whenever they have to move to a new place or call off the subscription for whatever reason, there are no consequences. Secondly, the easy-to-understand tier-based pricing system is another reason that earns Spectrum a point. Nationally, the pricing goes the same for all the services, albeit standalone or bundles.

Spectrum offers its subscribers a ton of other perks, including the top-of-the-line home phone service. If you’ve already subscribed to Spectrum cable TV and high-speed internet service, then you can further elevate your experience by adding Spectrum Voice® to the mix.

Spectrum Voice® – A Cursory Overview

Spectrum Voice adds $12.99 to your bill. You may add it to your Spectrum internet-only plan or fix it with an Internet + TV bundle. What makes Spectrum Voice a forerunner are all the features that come along. Let’s take a look at all of them, right now.

Spectrum Voice® Features: Highlighting The Best Ones

  • Call Forwarding –Set an alternate phone number instead of diverting your caller to voicemail.
  • VIP Ring –No need to walk all the way to the telephone to check who is calling. Simply assign a different ringtone to your callers for easy identification.
  • Simultaneous Ring –Set up to 5 additional numbers to simultaneously ring and answer on any of them.
  • Caller ID –Know who is calling and decide whether to answer or not with the Caller ID display.
  • Readable Voicemail –This feature records your voicemails and forwards a text transcript along with an audio file to your email.
  • Accept Selected Callers –Don’t want to answer unwanted calls? No worries! With this feature, you receive calls only from select numbers. Other numbers get redirected to voicemail.
  • Speed Dial –Add up to 8 frequently-used numbers to the speed dial list. Dial by tapping a single button.
  • Return Call –No need to conventionally dial the phone number. This feature lets you call back the latest call you receive.
  • Block Unwanted Callers –Add up to 30 unwanted numbers to the list and their calls will be blocked. They’ll be rerouted to a message stating you’re not receiving calls at the moment.
  • Do Not Disturb– Take a nap or shut everything off after a long, busy day. This feature will temporarily block incoming calls.
  • Block International Calls –This feature lets you temporarily block international numbers.
  • Trace Call –Getting unsettling phone calls? No need to worry. Simply trace the phone number and send the info to your local Police Station.
  • Forward Calls When Busy –Set an alternate number to receive incoming calls when your Spectrum phone is busy or divert them to your voicemail.
  • Block 3rdParty Charges – This feature keeps your number protected from being charged by 3rd

Want to know which Spectrum plans and bundles qualify for Spectrum Voice? Feel free to have your queries answered by Spectrum Customer Service. Spanish customers can expect the same solution by dialing telefono de Spectrum.

Other Features of Spectrum Voice

  1. Repeat Dialing
  2. Setup Backup Phone
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Forward Selected Calls
  5. Call Waiting with Caller ID
  6. 3-Way Calling
  7. Block Outbound Caller ID
  8. Block Collect Calls
  9. Forward Calls When There’s No Answer

That’s not all. Spectrum Voice encompasses several EXTRA features that enhance your experience to a whole another level. More features include:

Call Guard – No need to answer calls during dinner or family time. The Call Guard feature blocks all sorts of Spam calls and it’s already included in your Spectrum phone.

Unlimited Dialing – Speak to your loved ones residing anywhere in the US or Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands without counting minutes. The Unlimited Dialing feature lets you make unlimited phone calls, as many as you like!

Affordable International Calling – For only $5/month, you can get the international plan that lets you make calls to 70 countries.

Wrapping It All Up!

Spectrum Voice® is the best way to make affordable phone calls while enjoying a plethora of other features. So what are you waiting for? Add the $12.99 Home Phone to your current Spectrum Internet-only or double play plan and have a ball!


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