Three Twitter Marketing Tools Which Help Grow Followers

Many social media execs you meet will tell you the number of followers someone has is irrelevant.

They would be lying.

A genuine following on social media, cultivated on the basis of content, personality, and charm can be very powerful. Startups today rely on their social media savvy to promote the products and services they are trying to sell. Traditional marketing in many ways has been replaced by the far-reaching scale of platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

One key part of building a brand through social media is growing followers. The more followers a brand can manage to get organically, the more influence it wields in its niche and a better chance it has at selling commodities to its target audience.

According to Gaurav Heera, founder at DCA institute, The act of building an engaging follower base has been sullied recently by the rise of black hat parties that sell fake followers. In today’s social media landscape, a brand can buy 1000 followers at the price of a cup of coffee. This has made the process of getting followers organically seem redundant.

In reality, building followers organically is the best thing a business can do. Users who follow a brand on their volition are much more likely to engage with the content posted and develop a relationship of trust. Compare this to fake followers who don’t engage or consider buying anything a brand is selling, one can clearly see why increasing followers organically helps.

Twitter is one platform where building followers is important. People are highly engaging on Twitter which means a brand can quickly gain followers and establish trust. Take any digital marketing institute and you’d likely find trainers focusing on Twitter.

In this article, we discuss tools digital marketing professionals must use to grow the Twitter following of their clients.


A social media exec serious about Twitter marketing is highly likely to be using Hootsuite. The tool offers marketers the option of tracking content which brings the most followers through UTM codes, keeping track of all the mentions, and scheduling tweets. Furthermore, its a reliable name in the field of social media marketing and can be used to optimize the presence on other platforms as well.


Tweepi brings AI into the mix and guides social media execs to an audience that is more likely to engage and do business.

Social media platforms like Twitter have a lot of users. It can be difficult to reach the right people at times. Tweepi helps brands reach out to the right people. All users need to do is set up an account on Tweepi and enter popular hashtags relevant to the niche. Spending half an hour on Tweepi can help marketers gain over 100 followers a day (even more after a sustained period of growth).


Owlead helps marketers grow their Twitter following by identifying accounts which are relevant to a brand and engaging with them. One big advantage of using Owlead is that it works in the background and doesn’t require constant human intervention.

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In Conclusion

The following a person has on Twitter is not a metric one should underestimate. In this article, we covered three tools that help social media execs grow their following on Twitter and engage with a larger part of their core audience.

About the Author- Kuber Singh is a social media intern currently working for DelhiCourses. The training institute is counted amongst the best studying a digital marketing course in India.

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